I want to be sure before I go to a doctor. My dad is abusive to my brother, I get bullied because I like rock music, and i have had other life events which make me want to cut myself and often think about suicide. I see and hear things that others don’t, I have sleep problems from being restless to having sleep paralysis/denationalization.I have self esteem issues and have many phobias from clowns to my own imagination. I have some small habits when i’m worried or nervous like picking at my skin on my thumb and cracking my knuckles. Please help me to find out what I can so and if I need help or not.

A. It sounds as though you want to be certain that seeing a doctor is warranted. I would say yes. You describe a number of psychological issues that are negatively affecting your life. You are contemplating cutting and often think about suicide. Those are not normal ways of thinking. People who cut or who have the desire to cut and those who contemplate suicide are often depressed. Cutting and thoughts of suicide are always indicators of someone who needs help.

Your other symptoms are also concerning. Sleep problems may be related to stress and anxiety. Your sleeping difficulties may be also be contributing to other problems, like hearing things that others don’t. Anxiety also seems to be a problem. Picking at your skin and cracking your knuckles are potential indicators of stress and anxiety.

You have much stress at home. Mishandling stress, over time, can cause many psychological problems. Counseling can help and it can help a lot. It can help you to properly handle and react to the stress you presently have and help to prevent the development of more serious issues.

I hope that you will seek the proper psychological help. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle
Mental Health & Criminal Justice Blog