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How to Stop Overthinking?

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I tend to over think A LOT. I always end up convincing myself of negative things. I feel like i battle with myself in my mind. Like, my voice in my head fights with my conscious self. For example, i may be in a social situation and for any reason think that no one likes me, wants to listen to me, or something like that. I am starting to over come that but, i still cant stop myself from over thinking and over analyzing everythinggg. Like i may think, “you have no friends.” And even though i know i have plenty of friends, i start to believe it anyway.

Also, sometimes i feel i have a hard time grasping reality. I have to remind myself that this is my life. This is all really hard to explain so i am sorry if i am not making sense. Another thing is that for some reason i tend to repeat things in my mind a lot. Like something someone said or something i want to say.

How can i fight this battle with my own mind?

How to Stop Overthinking?

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Your negative thoughts are obviously distressing. The most effective and efficient way to conquer negative thinking is to focus on reality. For instance, in the case of you believing that “no one likes you” ask yourself this question: “what evidence do I have to support this belief?” In all likelihood, there will be no evidence to support any of your negative beliefs.

What complicates matters is your expressed difficulty in “grasping reality.” I’m not precisely certain what you meant by that expression. Generally speaking, if you have difficulty determining what is real and what is not, then I would strongly suggest seeing a mental health professional. A mental health professional could help you to stay grounded in reality. A therapist could also assist you with your negative thinking. Again, the focus would be on keeping your thoughts based in reality.

It is always advantageous to seek professional help when you’re struggling with psychological problems. You may ultimately be able to solve these problems on your own but it would be much more efficient if you met with a professional who has been specifically trained to deal with psychological problems. There’s no reason to prolong your suffering when help is available. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

How to Stop Overthinking?

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