I’ve have been dating my boyfriend for a year. We have had a healthy sex life. Lately I just feel I don’t want to have sex I don’t want to be close I have an Iud birth control method which is very effective ( not 100 percent though) we are both STD free just got checked a week ago condoms irritate me we always use them every time though. I just don’t really want to sleep with him anymore and rather wait until marriage either with him or someone else I just worry a sexless relationship… I worry if he will cheat he says it doesn’t matter and he loves me but sex makes me feel very used and vulnerable and EMPTY an robbed even if I’m in a monogamous relationship I just need some advice thank you so much.

A: You said two things that I think you want to clarify. You said you don’t want to have sex and don’t want to be close. I would encourage you to use the college counselor to think a bit more about why you are feeling this now with you current boyfriend. Perhaps the relationship has run its course, or the fear of pregnancy has become too great to cope with. In any case the reasons beneath your feelings would be important to understand. They will give you insight about whether you really want to maintain a loving relationship, a friendship, or if you want to bring the relationship to a close.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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