So I really just want answers and I don’t know where to go; I’m 17 and self-harm. This entire summer I was pretty much depressed because of a breakup that happened in January; it was sometime in June I started. I don’t cut deep and they go away after about a week, so I don’t feel it’s a real problem or issue. I only cut now late at night when negative emotions trigger from random thoughts. No one knows I do this and I would be devastated if anyone ever found out. I feel I can handle this on my own, but should I seek help or talk to someone? I’m not particularly close to anyone though, and I especially don’t want to tell my family…

A: Thank you for writing. I think the fact that you have the question gives us the answer. It is bothering you that you do this and this is something that is best helped by you talking with others. Since you are still in high school I would talk to your guidance counselor there. He or she will help you sort this through. Any time you are doing something to hurt yourself and feel you have to keep it a secret it is time to talk to someone about what is going on.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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