I am going to see a psychiatrist on the 22nd of Jan: Well I am just wondering what you think, I have been denying I have had any mental illness for some time, but my girlfriend of eight years and her mother have stated my symptoms are progressively getting worse, I decided to open up usually like when I get in trouble with the law I don’t say a word about any instabilities I have not wanting or warranting any persecution, but I normally do not like leaving my home all though my job required me to do so I am blessed to have my own business which I am surrounded by dogs, everyone I meet someone I know they think I’m a freak, I already know they can care less about what I say I hate venturing outside I have this sensation I’m always being watched I even go in the back and I hear both of them laughing possibly at my instabilities, I can go on but I don’t want to make anyone mad I think that’s about 300 words I just want to know if I have any symptoms in particular or if its a waste of time and money to go thank you.

A. No, it’s not a waste of time or money. If you are a home dweller because you work from home and have little reason to leave your home then, I would not see this as a problem. However, it seems as though the reason you won’t leave your home is because you are overly concerned about what people think of you. You also feel as though you’re being watched and that people are laughing at you. In the latter instance, the reasons you won’t leave your home may be indicative of paranoia, which is a significant mental health concern.

Paranoia is not a normal, everyday occurrence. It is associated with mental health disorders such as paranoid personality disorder. The main features of paranoid personality disorder include a pervasive pattern of distrust, suspiciousness of others and feelings of persecution. It is possible that you have paranoid personality disorder but only an in-person, in-depth mental health evaluation would provide that determination.

As I described above, the reason you won’t leave your home is what matters most. In your case, it seems as though it is paranoia that is keeping you confined to your home and thus may indicate the presence of a mental health disorder. It would be prudent to make an appointment with a mental health professional, report your symptoms and participate in the recommended treatment. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle