When I was in elementary every time someone angered me I had the urge to stab them. Sometimes I have wishful thinking such as wanting to go back in time and become a queen so I can kill and torture millions. Being careless and not feeling emotional of my actions. I’m very good at lying. I have 3 pets a cat, bunny and fish. They feel like a waste of space. Seriously every time they are bad I hit them. Sometimes I think about snapping their necks or throwing them outside and locking them out until they run away. I used to think my thoughts were normal until I asked my cousin and she told me to get help. I’m seeing a therapist but it took too much courage to open up with her with other things. How can I get rid of those emotions and move on?

A: Those are disturbing thoughts to have. It sounds like you’re seeing a therapist for other things and I’m wondering if those other things are related to the thoughts and feelings that you have. My guess is that you have a history of abuse and that is coming out in these violent thoughts. Watch for the rest of the answer.

Take good care of yourself,

Julie Hanks, LCSW