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Do I Have A Mental Health Issue?

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I’m very worried if I have a mental heath issue. Im basiclly always depressed. Im sad over many things and I dont think I can ever overcome it. Things I found worth living for arn’t anymore. Death isn’t as haunting as it used to be, I usually sit down and think how I would kill myself very often. I used to self harm the but the emotions stayed with me,I also hate eating. I become every guilty if I eat, or even think about eating. Im very “unheathly” but everytime I look at the mirror all I want to do is cry, I can’t pass a mirror anymore without thinking i’m disgusting.

I also have these strange attacks. I act like im about to die! My eyes become very wide and I can’t breath easily. I sweat and I get terrified of everything, when I get these attacks I bully myself. These attacks happen pretty often at least twice in two weeks.
My friends and family also say i’m “bipolar” that my emotions change very quickly and I get violent. My voice also changes! I can be angry and the next second talking as if I were a babie! My voice and actions change very quickly. I think I could have the multipal personality disorder.
Sometimes I even get scared when people are around me. I feel as if everyone is looking at me so I tend not to go out as much. Like people hate me! I get scared in large crouds thinking people are out to kill me or take me away. I used to take therapy but I quit… Should I get doctors help?

I don’t know if what I’m feeling is normal.
But please help me!!!

Do I Have A Mental Health Issue?

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You seem to be experiencing a great deal of emotional dysregulation. You also described what may potentially be panic attacks (i.e. sweating, terrified, can’t breathe easily, etc.). After such attacks, you stated that you “bully yourself.” The attacks are not your fault. It’s harsh and unfair to punish yourself for something that you cannot control.

It is abnormal to be constantly depressed, to hate your body, to engage in self harm, to feel guilty when you eat, and to think about ending your life “very often.” Your symptoms are not indicative of any one particular mental health disorder but they are clearly degrading the quality of your life and thus require treatment.

To answer your question directly, what you’re feeling is abnormal. Your symptoms are evidence that you are suffering.

You used to attend therapy but for reasons that were not disclosed, you quit. Now that your symptoms have been identified as a problem, the next logical step is to seek treatment. Report your symptoms to your parents and request to return to therapy as soon as possible.

If you feel that you may harm yourself, it is imperative to seek emergency assistance. Call 911 if necessary. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Do I Have A Mental Health Issue?

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