The past 2 months have not gone the way I thought my senior year would go at all, At the beginning of my senior year, on of my friends I had not seen in a about 4 months died of a failed liver. The following week of my friends death I was almost suspend from school for bullying, and just yesterday was caught by mall security trying to steal I have gotten away with stealing before, my girlfriend has not broken up with me yet, but I can’t sleep thinking about what I have done to my family and her. I feel like I have failed my father, and my mother, embarrassed my girlfriend’s family, and have made a complete failure of my life. I am not married but in a relationship.

A: Your friend’s death sounds like it was a trigger for a series of reactions on your part. When a trauma or loss happens it can unglue us, and the result is that we do things that are not typical of our behavior. The fact that you don’t feel good about what is happening is actually a good sign. I would strongly encourage you to make an appointment with the school’s guidance counselor and start talking about the loss of your friend and the problems that have evolved since then.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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