I cry all the time Everything sets me off I am very short with people. I space out sometimes when I get upset. I talk in my sleep and my husband says it suicidal talking I used to wake up crying and shaking from them and now I wake up feeling relieved now. I have had those thought when awake when upset. I have cut for years and some days I cut allot and can’t stop I know I cut when upset. I have issue with having sex as I feel i’m to fat for my husband to see naked. I hate my self all the time have no energy to do anything. When i say I space my husband says he is able to move me and I don’t move he hides all the meds. in the house do to my last dream I had I was talking out loud in my sleep he says and I mentioned taking lots of pills. not that I would but he was scared and was not taking any chances. what do you think I have if anything?

A: I’m not sure what it means but I am sure you need some help. Please get an appointment with your primary care physician immediately. Sometimes an undiagnosed medical condition can cause the symptoms you describe.

If you check out medically, then your next stop should be with a mental health professional for an evaluation. The behaviors you describe are consistent with a diagnosis of depression. Take your husband along. You need help. Your husband needs help to know how to help and support you. A counselor will not only make a diagnosis but will suggest options for treatment.

You say you have cut “for years.” I for one think you have suffered more than enough. Life doesn’t have to be so grim. Get the treatment you need so you can have the life and the marriage that you and your husband deserve.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie