Hello, my name is Ahmed i’m originally from Iraq but now in in Jordan to study in the university of Jordan my specialize is pharmacy and it’s my first year…my problem is that i think i have some kind of social phobia ,i feel so alone and i find it hard to know new people or making friends ,i don’t have self confidence and always feel that people don’t like me or reject me in their brains ,i feel lost and extremely unhappy about that situation and i want to change,i wanna make friends and have fun in college and be social active not alone and insecure..
so please can you help me??

A. For many students, the first year of college is especially difficult. Students experience a great deal of anxiety, for many reasons, which include: worrying about if they can handle college coursework, being in a new environment, not knowing many people on campus, the lack of a support system, and so forth.

The difficultly inherent in transitioning has led to the development of support groups for distressed students on college campuses. I would encourage you to meet with a mental health professional at the counseling center. Report the issues with which you are struggling. Inquire about whether or not they have support groups for students in your situation.

In the meantime, consider joining a club or engaging in other activities on campus that interest you. Make an effort to attend campus events. Doing so will be challenging because of your social anxiety but do the best you can. As time passes and if you engage in treatment, your symptoms should improve dramatically. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle