Alright this is the briefest explanation i can give. My mother is crazy and has effectively at every turn over the course of my life is responsible for countless issues. Very violently physically and emotionally abusive my existence under her was comparable to hell. She’s had me arrested, tossed into mental institutions and run me through several different therapists and so forth as i went through my stage of youthful rebellion in a direct attempt to subvert her (at the time i believed merely illogical) behavior. I learned of her pyschosis after being arrested due to a lie she told the police by a court ordered therapist my mother had seen for a brief period of time due to unrelated incidence. I was enlisted in the marine corps and her getting me arrested prevented me from fulfilling my enlistment, this is but one example of a time she crushed my hopes and options for my future. The day after my highschool graduation she put me out on the street because i failed to get a computer that lacked wi-fi connectivity to connect to wireless internet. My father is also a hopeless drug addict. This is a brief background of my lifes great struggle now i find myself lacking the motivation to do anything at all from getting out of bed to showering and everything inbetween i desperately require assistance to discover a means of regaining my motivation and getting my life back on track.

A. I am not certain that a lack of motivation is your main problem. More likely it is the fact that you are dealing with very challenging life circumstances. According to your letter, you have no home, no job and no support from your family. Both your mother and father are unstable. The problem is not you; it is your life circumstances. Faced with such circumstances, virtually anyone would be struggling.

I would encourage you to contact your local community mental health center. They can assist you in the following ways: helping you to find housing, a job, income assistance and by referring you to the appropriate mental health professionals.

Having a secure place to live is a basic life necessity. Without it, it’s nearly impossible to focus on other areas of your life. I hope that you will consider my advice and contact your local community mental health center. They can help you to get your life back on track. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle