Help please??? I’m 15 and have been having strange thoughts about killing people. I have been wanting to just kill. I have had used the scope on my scope rifle to look people. When I see an other in the cross hairs, it’s like I get a orgasm. Please help me, I dont want to kill anyone!

A; Get yourself to a therapist immediately. You are in a crucial struggle between an impulse and your own better nature. If you could have resolved it, you would have done so already.

I don’t know what started this line of thinking. I have a guess that there is some part of you that is very, very angry or that feels so out of control that you feel you need to do something about it or just lose it. Having control over someone else’s life or death is the ultimate assertion of your own control! Fortunately, at your core you are a decent person with a conscience. I think you understand that killing someone will mean the end of your own life as well as your victim’s — which will put you again out of control. The way out of the loop is with some therapy.

You’ve made an important first step in writing to us. Now please take care of yourself as well as the people you might hurt and find a therapist. Ask your school counselor where you can get some free therapy. Most major cities like yours have free services for teens. In the meantime, if you just need to talk to someone to talk you down, call the hotline at Boys Town, 800-448-3000. Counselors are there 24/7 to help teens like you.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie