I’m 14. Just recently my appetite has abruptly taken a turn for the worse. I used to often and a lot (and this was only when I felt hunger pangs!), but I have recently lost that urge to eat. Nowadays I am lucky if I eat once in a day. This appetite issue is also hurt by the fact that, when I get up to eat something, my hunger goes away almost immediately. I can also make the feeling go away pretty quickly by just ignoring it.
I have not gone through anything traumatic or exciting recently, so I’m not really sure what the cause is.

A: Please ask your parents to get you an appointment with your medical doctor. Since you don’t report any change in mood or any big issue happening in your life, I’m suspicious that there is something medical going on. Be as upfront and honest with your doc as you can be so she or he has the information needed to make a diagnosis. If you are medically fine, then it’s possible that you are having an emotional reaction to something, in which case it’s time to see a counselor. But do see your doctor first – and soon, OK? I’m worried about you.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie