Well I have a twin that I do not get along with at all. My mom and I fight constantly. My dad is rather annoying and I can’t go to him with serious problems. I have only really had thee people I can relate to that is my great aunt, my great grandmother, and my great grandfather. My great grandfather died on March 3, 2008. My great grandmother helped me through his death and then she died on September 9,2009 I wanted to die so bad. I think about how I feel alone everyday. My aunt helps me through stuff but sometimes I feel it doesn’t help. I just want to know why I can’t make everyone happy. I try so hard to make my family happy by impressing them, but they never acknowledge it. I feel so bad and worthless.

A: I am so sorry for the losses you have experienced and how difficult family life is for you right now. When we lose the people we love it can make us despondent and very unhappy. This is very natural – it is part of being human. Trying to make everyone feel happy is also natural in a family where there are so many unhappy people. The problem is exactly what you are feeling. The work to make everyone else happy is endless, unrewarding and unsuccessful.

At 14 your school counselor would be the right person to talk to about your feelings. He or she has experience in helping young people cope with family difficulties, loss of others, and making adjustments.

The part of you that wrote this letter to us, which I am very grateful you have done, is the part that believes things can get better. You need to continue your quest to make yourself feel better. The school counselor is the right person. You may also want to check in with our forums to hear how other people are coping.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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