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Stagnation in my Life or Depression in my Mind?

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I am a young male who feels depressed at the age of twenty I should be happy where I’m at. I live with three good friends who I grew up with I work at a ridiculously well respected dealership in a small city, I’m single. The ideal situation for a male my age, but I am feeling grounded my job is a emotional roller coaster that is aided by bitter co workers who put you down at every opportunity and make sure I know I’m “the new kid.” (note my closest aged co worker is 25 years my senior) I sleep more often now and often Haft to fight myself to get out of bed in the morning. I feel guilty for things that are not bad. I often turn to drinking to calm my pain. My real confidant passed two years ago when I was 17 and now I have no one to really talk about my troubles with I feel just sad constantly and seem to only be my old self (happy charismatic energetic) once I’m drunk and even then I feel this cloud hovering over me. I constantly ask my self what ski doing? Why am I here? What is the point? And of course is it worth it to even leave the house? It’s just so hard at this point in my life to smile. this isn’t a cry for pity but a request for help I need to smile again I need to find a new road to happiness how can I do that?

Stagnation in my Life or Depression in my Mind?

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Based on the symptoms that you described, you may be experiencing depression. I can’t know that with certainty but it seems like a realistic possibility.

Further evidence of possible depression is the fact that you have resorted to drinking as a way to deal with your psychological pain. People often turn to drinking as a way to emotionally numb themselves. In clinical terms, individuals who utilize drugs or alcohol to numb their emotional pain are “self-medicating.”

In every case, drinking makes a situation worse, especially among those with depression. Alcohol, chemically speaking, is a nervous system depressant. That means it could be contributing to your depressed mood. The fact that you have begun self-medicating with alcohol may mean that this problem is becoming worse.

It is also concerning that you seem to feel as though your life has no purpose. That is evidenced by some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself such as “why am I here?” or “what is the point?” Such questions may also be indicative of an individual who is contemplating suicide. You expressed no definitive suicidal ideation but it is a concern in all cases of depression.

You should consider counseling. Medication might also assist with your depressed mood. Mental health professionals deal with these types of problems on a regular basis. Utilize their expertise to improve your life. I hope you will consider professional help. It could help you immensely. You might be very surprised by how quickly and easily a therapist could help with your problem. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Stagnation in my Life or Depression in my Mind?

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