I’ve felt so empty lately. I’m 14 and I just started high school in August. My best friend moved away over the Summer and I’m going to a different school than the rest of my friends. A few weeks ago my little sister (she’s 12) was checked into a Psychiatric ward because she was having thoughts of suicide. it’s all been going down hill from there. I’ve had Anxiety and Paranoia for four or so months and it’s just been getting worse with all the stress. I can’t talk to anyone at home because I don’t want to be a burden when they’ve already got my sister to worry about. Most of the time I’m just empty. Otherwise, I’m sad or angry. Is it possible that I’ve developed Depression? And if not, what should I do to get better?

A: Thank you for sending in your question. Your feelings make sense to me because you have experienced a number of losses. You started a new school and that means you are missing your friends. Your best friend moved away, and your sister was hospitalized. It is normal to be depressed when we miss the people we care about.

As a freshman in a new high school the counselors know that you may have some adjustment problems. They will not feel burdened by you talking about all the changes in your life. Please look up the counselor in your high school and make an appointment to talk to him or her. They can help you sort all of this through.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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