so i am in my third year of college now and lately I have just been feeling like things have changed. I dont really enjoy going to house parties and events like that anymore due to the fact that i feel like ive already been there and done that. I know it sounds ridiculous but It worries me because i used to love doing all that stuff freshman year and sophomore year. Is it normal to have these feelings that everyone at these parties are immature? plus I rather just have a few of my close friends over and chill with them instead of going to “huge ragers.” Anyway just wondering if this is a side of depression or is this a normal feeling to have at this stage in my life.

A: Without talking to you personally, I can’t tell for sure but I suspect that you are just maturing. Young people often go a bit wild when they first leave home. Freed of parent and teacher supervision, they want to let loose and have fun. But at some point, the kind of fun that involves embracing the toilet at the end of the evening doesn’t feel so much like fun anymore. Huge parties with strangers start being less interesting than talks until dawn with a few good friends or a special person.

You don’t mention other signs of depression: sadness, irritability, loss of interest in things sthat generally give you pleasure, early morning waking, too much or too little sleep, loss of appetite and sex drive, etc. If you are experiencing some of those symptoms as well, I suggest you go to your college behavioral health center for an evaluation. If you don’t have other symptoms, just take your interest in quieter things as a very positive sign that you are coming into your own as an adult.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie