A few years ago I was diagnosed with depression and then it was clear. But now… I think I’m never happy, but I cope so well with my life. I want to give up everything in my life – it doesn’t have purpose in my life. But wanting to give it up makes me feel worse than having it.

A. Many believe that depression stems from not having a meaning in one’s life. Most famous among them is Dr. Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist who originated logotherapy. Logotherapy is essentially the process of discovering a meaning or purpose in one’s life. That meaning of life will be different for each individual. He believed that individuals may feel an overall unhappiness or dissatisfaction with their life if they have not found that meaning.

To learn more about logotherapy and strategies for finding a meaning your life, I would recommend reading Dr. Frankl’s book Man’s Search For Meaning. Many people who’ve read the book consider it life-altering.

Wanting to “give up” makes you feel worse but it’s understandable if you are suffering from untreated depression. My recommendation is to see a therapist who can assist you in overcoming depression.

Depression is highly treatable. Medications may assist you as well as psychotherapy. Most people who have had depression were able to overcome it by participating in treatment. It’s unclear from your letter whether you have entered treatment, but if not it would be the appropriate course of action. Please take care

Dr. Kristina Randle