First, I always feel like someone is watching me I have felt like that as long as I can remember. I have no self-esteem, I see myself as worthless, ugly, fat, and disgusting. I hear voices in my head, telling me these things. I used to cut myself, I cry a lot. I have tried to kill myself, and I think about killing myself more than I should. I have a negative attitude (of course) and I am always irritable and angry over nothing. Sometimes I get extremely happy, and eventually crash. Could you please suggest what might be wrong with me?

A: The collection of symptoms you’ve described sounds very difficult to cope with and very uncomfortable. I am very glad you took the time to write us here. Let’s just say for now, without a label, that the symptoms are what is wrong and try to work from there.

As a senior in high school I would do two things: First, I would talk to the school guidance counselor about these symptoms and let them know that you have been struggling with them for a while. Second, I would tell you parents and ask them to set up a meeting with a therapist, or your primary care physician if that is easier. In either situation tell the therapist or physician the symptoms and how long you have been having them.

Since these indications are ongoing, the professionals can ask you questions and more accurately help decide what the best route is for making you feel better.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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