As I grew up, I was put in high pressure private schools, and my family had high expectations of me. I have accelerated at everything I have done in life, but my stress and depression climbed fast as well. When I got to freshman year in high school, my depression had me curled up in extreme pain on my bedroom floor, and I had a mental and emotional breakdown.

During my breakdown, I got a bad concussion, and another one, just two days later. Ever since then, I have had a severe drop in cognitive function. I hear a piano playing every day, I hear screaming in my head when I get stressed, my jaw clenches shut so I can’t talk if someone expects to much of me or makes me get sad, and I can see a blue library with organized shelves of memories (Math/Science/Happy/Pain/Inventions/Nightmares/Etc). Its like an overlap of my vision. I can go to each room in this library just by thinking about it, and pick tablets off the shelves. I can see pictures, and read things I used to know, off of them. What is wrong with me, and how can I get back to my old normal self?

A: I’m so sorry you are feeling so bad. I’m sure it’s hard to get through the day. Althugh undue pressure on a kid can make life very stressful, I”m more concerned about the concussions at this point.

Please make an appointment with a neurologist. Although your symptoms are unusual, it’s possible you are suffering from postconcussive syndrome. This is not something to ignore! You need to be evaluated by a professional. After you are examined, the neurologist will discuss your diagnosis and will suggest treatments to help you recover. Please don’t take a lot of time to think this over. I’m very concerned.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie