My girlfriend got raped by my dad about 6 months ago while i was asleep int the other room and he told her not to tell me because it would ruin our relationship and so she didn’t until last night. All i feel now is anger and hate my heart is gone and all i have left is the feeling of hell fire coursing throughout my veins never in my life have i felt this before I don’t know what to do the same thought keeps repeating over and over in my head how can i give him what he deserves the worst death i can imagine. I dont know whqt to do…. please help me….

A: I certainly understand why you have thoughts of revenge. A man who will violate his son’s underage girlfriend is despicable! But beating him up will only get you in big trouble and will probably not prevent him from hurting you and others again. There are better ways to deal with him that are more helpful to your girlfriend and more effective for holding him accountable.

What you do is encourage your girlfriend to go to the authorities. She needs your support and love right now. Make sure she sees a medical doctor to ensure that she hasn’t been physically hurt and encourage her to see a therapist to work through the emotional pain. With you by her side, she might be able to talk to the police. I hope so. Standing up to him and forcing him to deal with the consequences of what he did may help your girlfriend heal and will do more to ensure that he doesn’t get away with this heinous behavior.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie