I like to do illegal/incorrect things like stealing ( from people at school , money ,soda etc…) , burning things ( trash cans at school) , my parents give me enough attention, I have my fair share of friends and good grades. It’s the rush that I get , and the rewarding feeling pf doing those things, maybe it’s the adrenaline cause i like rollercoasters and such.

A. You gain a rush from engaging in illegal behavior. You acknowledge that your behavior is illegal but do it anyway. Apparently, the rush you feel outweighs the potential of getting caught. Perhaps you continue to engage in such behavior because you have not been caught. It is important to realize that while you have yet to be apprehended, continuing to engage in illegal behavior can result in the serious harm of others and likely the loss of your freedom. Neither are desirable outcomes.

I would strongly encourage you to see a therapist for the purpose of preventing future problems. A therapist could teach you how to redirect your behavior into a healthy outlet. Redirecting your problematic impulses into a more acceptable outlet is known as sublimation. It is important that you address this problem immediately because there are serious consequences associated with what you are doing.

It is not enough to simply identify your problem. You must address it before you get into trouble. The responsible next step is to do what is necessary to prevent the future occurrence of illegal behavior. Consider my suggestions above. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle