I honestly have no idea. One minute, I’m alright, maybe happy, most of the time just okay. Then, someone may say something, and it either makes me angry and/or I just burst into tears uncontrollably. My parents have been telling me that I need to be “happier” and quit being so miserable, and I try. I can tell you that. I try a lot. I just–I don’t know. When someone sets me off, I just can’t control the crying spell that captivates me most of the time. It is inevitable. I can’t keep it from happening, nor can I control it very often. When I am crying though, and I try to make it stop; I wipe the tears from my eyes. The thing is, I start thinking of other things…different things completely off topic of the subject matter. And then I’m crying even more. My parents try to ask me what’s wrong, they try to help…they say that I can always talk to them about anything. But sometimes, I feel that some things I can’t talk to them about. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I keep tearing up. I don’t know. I tell them that I don’t know what it is that is wrong…or that I’m okay. I keep it all inside…I know I am probably boring you. I’m sorry if I am. But I know very well that there is more to the reason of why I am overtaken by these crying spells, and I think my parents do too. Maybe it is between what they say; maybe there is more that I think about when they utter something. I don’t know. It could make my mind jump to different things, things that make me mad or sad…but usually nothing happy. What is wrong with me?

A: It is hard to know for sure but at 13 years old you may be going through some physical changes that can affect you in ways that can throw off your emotions. I think asking your parents to get a medical exam would be the first, smartest thing to do. I would let the physician know about any changes you have gone through physically, nutritionally and socially since all of this began. What this will do is help the physician determine if this is something medical or psychological in origin. This will be a good place to start.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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