I am confused with my parents about my sister. She is just 17 years old and had fallen in love with the Guy who is 20 years old. This guy was in my school and he is very much talented in using girls for his satisfaction. My sister is now mad in love with him and because of this our family is deeply affected mentally because of our society issues. We don’t know how to tell my sister that to avoid this guy, as she got crazy. Please help me out. Please… You will earn allot of blessings from my family. As this is about my sister’s whole life, and about her career.

A: It is hard to watch someone you love do things that may hurt her while you watch. But part of being in a family is to support each other through the hard times. Rather than trying to change your sister, talk to her about how watching her in this relationship is difficult for you. This way you are not blaming, but rather talking about your own feelings. This keeps the discussion from becoming critical. Let her know you love her, that you care about her, and that it is hard to see her with someone that may not be good for her.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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