hi, i was recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, as a result of childhood abuse, i really dont know where to go for help ive searched and searched and there is nothing where i live, i have been in hospital b4 many times for self harm, attempted suicide and suicidal thoughts, i am on no medication because i try to take overdoses, i just dont know where to turn anymore, i just know i cant do this on my own anymore. Please help.

A. I am sorry that you are suffering. You have been in the hospital several times. Typically, after a hospital stay, the hospital staff will arrange a followup appointment for clients at a local mental health clinic. I am curious about whether you were provided with an aftercare plan. If not, I would suggest contacting the hospital staff and asking them to assist you in finding a mental health professional for outpatient treatment. That would likely be the most efficient way to access treatment at this time.

While speaking with the hospital staff, inquire about all the possible treatment options in your community. You stated that there is “no help” but there may be treatment services of which you are unaware. It is certainly worth your time and effort to call the hospital staff.

When you say that “nothing” is available, perhaps you mean there are no services that you are willing to try. In that case, you should again review what mental health services are available in your community.

Another suggestion is to contact the local university to determine if there are psychological studies available for participation. Universities often have clinical trials in which they need participants. As part of a study, you may be exposed to cutting-edge treatments which could be of tremendous benefit. Some researchers will compensate you for your participation.

Finally, you should also call the local health department. Staff at local health departments are often aware of community mental health services and may be able to provide you with a referral. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle