I was diagnosed with anorexia when I was a junior in high school at the time I was just skipping a couple of meals, I was seriously over weight so maybe ENDOS? Im 21 now and I still actively engage in anorexic tendies I’m now down to 110, I’m not considered underweight for my height or age, my parents have been encouraging me to maybe go into treatment but I feel like I don’t have an eating disorder that needs treatment. At one point I was purging all my meals, now not so much I ocassionally abuse laxatives (around 5 times a week, between 10-15 pills each dose)I dont know I guess what I am trying to ask is that if my eating disorder is serious enough to do some kind of treatment?

A. Eating disorders are the most serious of all mental health disorders primarily because of the profoundly negative impact on the body. Individuals with eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.

I agree with your family. I would recommend that you be evaluated by a therapist. Per your own admission, you continue to engage in anorexic tendencies. It also seems as though you are significantly minimizing your problem. You described using laxatives five times a week as being “occasional abuse.” I would consider any misuse of laxatives to be a sign of an eating disorder. I would consider five times per week to be significant abuse.

To answer your question directly, yes, I believe that your eating disorder is serious enough to warrant treatment. Until you have been completely cured of your eating disorder, you should be engaged in some level of treatment. I hope that you recognize the seriousness of an eating disorder and attend treatment accordingly. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle