Thought I was being hired to do administrative work for a company and the VP harassed me for months. Everyday touching, feeling, asking sexual questions, calling his wife fat, old, useless, menopause witch, etc. Come to find out he’s been in trouble with the law over 30x and not a thing can be done about it unless I wanted to spend a tone of money. He said he was obessed with me and etc. He wished he could leave his wife. Do you believe he is sociopathic? He pretends to be real religious and Christian but then turns into an evil sexual person and lies, cheats, and steals. I had to quit and am still heartbroken. Will he get what he deserves someday? Does God handle this? I hate most men now and don’t trust any companies.

A: This is serious for a variety of reasons and requires you to get a legal consultation. Every state has a number of women’s centers. I would encourage you to call the local hospital and ask them to refer you to the closest women’s center. Call them and explain your situation. They usually have lawyers that do work for free and you should set up a meeting. What this man is doing is illegal and there are laws to protect you.

The women’s center also typically has low- or no-cost ounselling. Please avail yourself of this service so you can feel supported during the process.

I would also look to see if the company is large enough to have a human resources department. If they do, make an appointment and find out what your rights are. My experience with this is that you may also want to contact your state bar association. It regulates the practice of lawyers and has information on referrals for such cases.

I would begin with the women’s center and work from there.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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