I have, after years of avoidance, realized that I have a problem and have taken steps to take care of myself; but I am scared as to what might be wrong. I had an abusive father for the first seven years of my life, and to my knowledge, he had mental issues of his own (talking to himself, paranoid, etc.) I have a lot of artistic talent and I am a nice, kind, generous young man. However, I have a short temper, sometimes get angry or sad for no reason, (from one day to the next) paranoid of what other people think of me, fall in love very easily (and say too much too soon, usually destroying friendships in the process and being delusional about how they really feel about me) and avoid social situations (I rarely go out, hate crowds, and prefer only my closest of companions.) I even let all phone calls go to voicemail because I just don’t want to answer the phone. I’ve tried to pinpoint what is wrong, but I seem to have bits and pieces of both Bi-Polar disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. 
All guidance is appreciated!

A: You don’t have to try and sort through your symptoms alone. I went into the mental health field so I could be a support and a resource for people who were struggling. Please get a mental health evaluation by a licensed professional so you can have support in finding an accurate diagnosis. It sounds like psychotherapy may really help you to work through the overwhelming symptoms you’re describing. For my complete response, please watch the video below…

Take good care of yourself!
Julie Hanks, LCSW