I am a 56 year-old female. I have been in psychotherapy with a psychiatrist for over 10 years. I have battled depression, anxiety, and have some borderline personality disorder traits. I am so dependent on the relationship with my therapist that I sometimes “create” issues to justify my need for appointments. My attachment is almost painful. I would like to see him daily but of course that is not possible. I have talked to him about this problem a little bit, but am afraid to mention it again for fear of him abandoning me, like so many other men in my life. I don’t see myself as ever being able to terminate therapy. I feel as if I can’t live without seeing him even on the limited basis that I can.
Any suggestions for dealing with these feelings?

A: Of course you want treatment to go on forever. It sounds like this is a safe relationship in which to process your struggles and is unlike the abandoning relationships with so many other men in your life. I urge you, even though you are scared, to bring up your feelings to your psychiatrist so he can help you work through them. Watch the video below for my full answer…

Thanks so much for writing in. Take good care of yourself!

Julie Hanks, LCSW