Lately my life hasn’t been going the way everyone else seems to be thinking it should go. I’ve stopped hanging out with my friends and I no longer want to continue university and I was doing some volunteer tutoring but I quit that as well. These are just things I want to do, but my parents think that I have a problem. Everyone in my family has had problems but that doesn’t mean I do, I just don’t want a social life any more. I guess I was wondering, do you think I need a therapist? It just seems like a bit much, but if so what do I have to do when I’m there?

A. Your family is worried about you. They are concerned because your behavior has changed. They may be right to be concerned. It seems as though you are withdrawing and isolating yourself. Perhaps there is a legitimate reason for why your behavior has changed but they see it as being unusual. I would agree that there is a potential problem.

I’m curious about why you stopped attending college and interacting with your friends. Your letter did not contain those reasons. Generally, those are unusual behaviors and signs that something may be wrong, possibly depression.

I would recommend seeing a therapist. The advantage of seeing a therapist is that he or she could gather all of the details about your personal situation and assess whether therapy is necessary. If the therapist does not think therapy is necessary, then perhaps your family will stop making the suggestion. The bottom line is that seeing a therapist is a wise idea in your situation. I would recommend it. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle