I have over the past two years been seeing someone I know every so often when I am out and about. They have been dead for nearly three years. It will look exactly like them and I will blink or look away and look back and they won’t be there it will just be a random person. I know I am not seeing ghosts but I am trying to understand why I see this particular person. I only knew them, didn’t care about them, didn’t dislike them either. Every time I see them I get an uneasy feeling like I am losing it. I just want to understand why it’s happening.

A. What you have described is an unusual occurrence and further investigation is suggested. I would recommend having a complete physical evaluation. Though it is unlikely, you may be experiencing visual hallucinations. Visual hallucinations can be indicative of an organic brain syndrome. A physical evaluation can rule out the possibility of a medical problem.

I would also recommend that you begin documenting the times when you see this person. Does it happen when you’re aggravated, experiencing stress, sadness, when you’re alone, upon awakening, in the middle of the night, or after you’ve consumed an alcoholic beverage, etc.? Documenting this information might help you to better understand what is happening. You may begin to see a pattern. It might also assist your doctor in determining what the problem may be. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle