I dont know what to do: I’m on here because of a few isuse. First, there is a voice in my head I can’t hear it as if someone was next to talking but I can here it. It is starting to dictate how I do things for example. I drop a piece of trash on the ground. The tells me if I don’t pick it up right then my car will break down. I’m only worried because the other night the same voice was telling me to harm my girl friend because she was going to become a demon and kill me. I was diagnost with depression a few years ago. They did an iq test which I got a 153 on and some other test that I’m not sure what they are. I’ve thought about. Killing myself from time to time but I know it would just cause more problems for everyone else. Thanks for listening.

A. This is a problem that needs to be investigated by a mental health professional. It is unusual to hear voices telling you to harm yourself or others. Some individuals who have schizophrenia, or other related psychotic disorders, have reported hearing voices telling them to harm themselves or others. It is a concern that you are hearing such voices.

There is medication that can decrease or eliminate the voices. Antipsychotic medication is designed to treat those symptoms, among others. Talk with a mental health professional about which medication would be most effective for you.

It is also concerning that you have thought about killing yourself. It is not normal to want to end your life. It’s unclear whether the motivation behind your suicidal thoughts are the voices. It may also be depression or a combination of the two. It is important that you see a mental health professional to address these problems.

Click the find help tab, at the top of this page, to locate a mental health professional in your community. Please do not ignore the symptoms. Hearing voices telling you to harm yourself or others is not normal; it is a symptom that needs to be investigated. Suicidal ideation is always a sign that someone is suffering and needs help. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle