My parents shout and me when I ask a question and my dad tells me to get lost and I go to my room and I sometimes cry. They shout orders at me and treat me like filth. My sister takes their side all the time and never listens to me and I have nobody to talk to, family. I have 2 close friends but I can’t tell them because it’s to hard and personal they wouldn’t understand.
They don’t even care if I cry and it’s always shouting at me. I don’t talk back and I speak in a calm voice but it’s still always shouting. Sometimes they hit me on the arm hard so there is a bruise left or sometimes hit me on the head so I get a headache.Therapy won’t be an option because this has been going on forever and it won’t help.
I sometimes feel like killing myself but I don’t. I feel very alone and that there is no way
out. What so I do?

A: I am glad you are writing to us about how you feel. That is a very good start. You want to keep finding people who are safe to talk to about your feelings. Many times people think of hurting themselves, but don’t, and it is important to talk about those feelings with an adult.

At 12 years old the best place for you to bring your concerns is to a trusted teacher or school counselor. Being treated this way isn’t acceptable, and you need adults and friends who can help and support you. Start looking for safe adults in your school or where you worship for starters.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
Proof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral