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Am I Schizophrenic?

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I studied in UK, I went back to my country after finishing my studies, I am bisexual and I am sure most people in Pakistan are phobic of non-straight sexuality when I went back and spent some time I started to become Paranoid that my family hates me and will chemically castrate me through Estragon, and my brother will marry my fiancée and family will support him, my brother is 15 year old, and my father will kill me because I am bi. my father told me once with anger that my sexuality is unacceptable from then my paranoia of being murdered and poisoned with anti-Testosterone became severe, I could not eat anything at home without my brother tasting my food and could not sleep, because I felt like if I sleep someone would murder me I did not had any hallucinations, disorganised behaviour or other most so-called symptom of schizophrenia just lot of Paranoia, doctor in Pakistan diagnosed me with schizophrenia but I did not told him all these things I am telling you, I am now in UK and Paranoia is reduced a lot because I feel safe here because of strong legal system. am I really schizophrenic?

Am I Schizophrenic?

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While living in Pakistan, you feared that your father would kill you. If the threat of death was real, then I would not consider you to be paranoid. Feeling fear and paranoia under such circumstances would be an understandable reaction.

Alternatively, if you were frightened of your father but were in no real danger, then your paranoia would be a sign that something is wrong. Paranoia is a symptom of schizophrenia and several other mental health disorders. The key to knowing whether you are mentally ill is determining if your thought process is based in reality.

An objective, trained, mental health professional diagnosed you with schizophrenia. I am assuming that the doctor did not believe that your fears were justified. That may mean that the schizophrenia diagnosis was accurate.

To be diagnosed with schizophrenia you would have to meet certain clinical criteria. It seems as though the only symptom you are currently experiencing is paranoia, which has significantly decreased since you moved to a new country. If paranoia is your only symptom, then you may not have schizophrenia. You do not have the two key symptoms of the disorder: delusions and hallucinations.

Without many more details, it is difficult to know if you have schizophrenia. I would recommend seeing a mental health professional for an evaluation. It would be advantageous to have an evaluation at this time, since your circumstances have changed. It’s always best to get a second opinion. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Am I Schizophrenic?

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