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What does my dream mean?

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Two weeks ago I had this dream: I woke up in a trailer, went out and yelled at my boyfriend’s friend in the yard (they were being loud). I saw John Cena, followed him, and came to a huge nest of killer bees; he was riding a four-wheeler and was making the bees mad. The bees landed on me then after a while flew away and I ran into the woods. I was climbing on the trees like a monkey; I was naked with only a long shawl covering me. Snakes were crawling all over me and rubbing me sexually. I saw Medusa and made a deal with her; if I could control the snakes I would do her a favor. I ran out of the woods (still partially naked) fast like a vampire. My friend J ran up beside me (also naked) and ran with me. My boyfriend’s mom and sister saw me and followed me. Ended up back at the trailer; saw my boyfriend. He told me we couldn’t be together (J sent his mom pictures of me drunk). I said I was going to kill myself; boyfriend picked up rock, threw at killer bee nest. I asked “you want me to die?” whispered to the bees to come here (I could control them) went to J, and a demon baby ripped its way out of his stomach; 20 toddlers crawled out, stood up, and followed me. J was dead. I told boyfriend I was leaving to give Medusa the children and I was leaving with my child and touched my stomach.

What does my dream mean?

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I know there are lots of books on the market that supposedly tell you how to interpret dreams. But the thing is that dreams are highly specific to the dreamer. What means something to you may well not mean the same thing to others. For that reason, such books are entertaining but not all that useful.

Dreams are essentially your thoughts in pictures. The thoughts haven’t been made into language and so are symbolic. If you can’t figure out your symbols, it’s possible that a therapist can help you do so. Without knowing you, all I can get is that you’re very anxious about something – probably about something to do with relationships and maybe sex. (Or maybe you are just afraid of snakes and bees.)

The fact that you’ve been thinking about this for two weeks suggests that you are trying to tell yourself something. Rather than trying to figure out the dream, it might be more productive for you to think about whether anything is particularly bothering you and, if so, to deal with it as best you can. In the dream, you are pretty resourceful. I bet you’re the same way when you’re awake.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

What does my dream mean?

Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker

Dr. Marie is licensed as both a psychologist and marriage and family counselor. She specializes in couples and family therapy and parent education. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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