i’m thinking i am diagnosed with adhd but im still not sure.my behaviour is becoming worse and so is my concentration i really need help on what to do.i need some simple advice on how i can get better and whearther i should tell my parents PLEASE understand me as im only 12 and in desperate help for youre adivice.

A: I’m sorry you are so upset. By all means, talk to your parents. Please don’t decide that you have ADHD – at least not yet. The symptoms of ADHD can also be explained by other things.

It’s important to get a medical checkup first. Believe it or not, food allergies and seasonal allergies can look a lot like ADHD. So can a thyroid problem. These are only a few examples.

If your doctor determines there is nothing medical going on, you then should be evaluated by a mental health professional. Just as with medical problems, there are a number of mental health problems that can look like ADHD but are not. Depression and anxiety disorder are the most common. And sometimes learning disabilities like dyslexia present like ADHD.

In order to get the correct treatment, you have to have a correct diagnosis. You’ve apparently been reading quite a bit. I certainly applaud you for trying to figure yourself out. But reading alone isn’t going to confirm a diagnosis. For that you need training and experience. Please talk to your folks about taking you to the professionals who can help determine what the problem is and how best to manage it.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie