Lately i have been feeling strange. Sometimes i can hear a bunch of voices screaming at me, but i can never make out what they’re saying it just feels really loud and angry. When this happens i usually feel like i’m moving really fast, like every movement i make is done at warp speed and i don’t know how to stop it. I also rehearse conversations for hours before i go to sleep and even when i try and stop i can’t. I talk to myself frequently and get very animated when i do this.

On top of this i have been sleeping more than usual. skipping class, spending less time with friends, wanting to be alone more often and smoking a lot of marijuana. I also think about suicide on almost a daily basis.

I’m aware that i probably have depression but i’m more worried that i might have something more serious. Two of my uncles have schizophrenia and i’m worried i have it to.

A. Hearing voices is a sign of psychosis but not always. Many people describe having an “inner voice” which is quite normal. Individuals with schizophrenia and those with other psychotic disorders hear voices that are not their own. They sound like the voices of others. These external voices also tend to be derogatory and violent in nature, similar to what you are experiencing.

You also described an increased desire for isolation, changes in your sleeping patterns and having suicidal thoughts. Those may be symptoms of depression but they could also be symptoms of schizophrenia. You also stated that you are using a large amount of marijuana. Your drug use may be exacerbating your symptoms.

It is not possible to provide a psychiatric diagnosis over the Internet but your symptoms are concerning. I would strongly recommend being evaluated by a mental health professional. I would also suggest having a medical exam. There are some medical conditions that can cause psychosis-like symptoms.

It is important that you seek treatment immediately. Medications and other treatments can significantly reduce the intensity of your symptoms. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle