How can I forget about someone who all they did was lie I met this guy while doing community service he left his number on my car door me and my girls. Texted him just to mess around but after meeting up and hanging out we hit it off. we got along great !! But little did I know he was married with two kids. after hanging out for a few months, I ended up pregnant. my birth control failed. at first he was all up for it to take care of the baby. a few months later he asked me to stay away and he was only going to pay me child support :/. he still tells me he loves me and that he’s not happy with his marriage but still don’t understand y he’s still with her then :/ – I could handle him walking out on me but I can’t understand how he can walk out on his daughter before even meeting her :/

A: I’m sorry you’re so hurt. But this guy is being consistent in a very bad way. He is walking out on your child just as he was walking out on the children he has with his wife when he started meeting up with you. You are looking for love and a family. He was looking for an affair. By all means, get child support to help in raising your daughter but don’t expect him to be an involved father. I do advise that you see a lawyer to formalize child support arrangements. Meanwhile: It’s not your daughter’s fault that she has a cad for a dad. Focus your energy on being the best mom you can be for all your girls. They need you.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie