I always feel really lonely depressed and scared when I’m not with my boyfriend, although few months ago my boyfriend was asking other girls to meet him through social website, I confronted him about this and he said he was sorry and it was ages ago and he wouldn’t do it again but I don’t trust time still he goes out and turns his mobile off and I just feel scared and lonely. I cant ever sleep anymore I think about it all during the day and night and just cry, my boyfriend doesn’t understand and gets moody when I mention anything to him. I feel alone and don’t know how to trust my boyfriend again I love him so much and we have been going out for 1 year. Please help!!!

A: It may seem like your boyfriend is the only person you need to be with – but the truth is you need to have others in your life. This is true at 16 or 60 or 90. This is the time to develop other friendships. When we are so dependent on one other person for our happiness, it can make our lives miserable if we don’t get exactly what we need from them. That is why we have friends. With friends we get more connections. That helps when the person we love the most isn’t available.

I recommend you broaden your circle of friends and interests. This will help you with your feelings for your boyfriend.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
Proof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral