I think my husband is suffering from a mental disorder or schizophrenia. We have been married for 3 years and have 3children 2 being 8 month old twins. We got into a fight and the first time in 5 years i walked out and lefted. ever since then he has turned into a completely different person. It’s like he hates me he did tell me about 2 years ago that he heard voices and that he see’s ghosts all the time etc. He has been drawing weird shapes and one time he started freaking out that he had to have a note book because he had to draw something that is in his head. He ended up drawing a diamond with 69 diamonds in it. Now all of a sudden he doesn’t want to be married he walks around like he is just not really there anymore. I don’t know what to do because i just want him to know that i am here for him. It took me a while to realize what was going on. Now i want to help him and over night he has gone to hate me so much.

A. It is unusual to hear voices and to see ghosts. You also described your husband as “walk [ing] around like he is just not really there anymore.” That behavior might be indicative of depression or possibly the early phase of a psychotic disorder. Based on limited details it is difficult to determine what may be wrong.

If he is experiencing psychosis (which is associated with schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders), then it is imperative that he seek treatment immediately. Psychosis requires intervention and if left untreated, it typically becomes worse. If safety issues are a concern, then contact your local mental health crisis team. The team can visit the home and conduct an onsite evaluation.

Be vocal about your concerns. Encourage him to have a psychiatric evaluation. If you are willing and if you think it would be beneficial, offer to attend the evaluation with him. It would send him the message that you care about his well-being and might increase the likelihood that he would be open to treatment. If he is unresponsive to your attempts to help him, then you may want to involve friends or family members who you believe might help.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to write again. Please take care.