I’ve been depressed most of my life since I was a teenager. There were some times when I was happy but I always go back to being depressed. I have been to therapy three times.
Now I haven’t been feeling that depressed but I’ve been having a lot of anxiety so I started doing a workbook for anxiety and depression.
However, this book tries to find a connection between your problems and your childhood and when I was doing therapy they always asked about it as well.
But I had a great childhood, my parents were really nice and warm so I don’t understand why I have these psychological problems.
I feel like I have no right to have them because I haven’t had any major traumas and I didn’t have any problems with my family in my childhood.
It’s hard to talk to someone because I feel embarrassed to be depressed and anxious when I don’t have and didn’t have any real problems in my life.

A: Thank you very much for writing. It’s likely that the problem is not in your head but in your body. There are many medical conditions that can cause depression – a thyroid imbalance, a vitamin deficiency, anemia, malnutrition or an electrolyte imbalance, to name only a few. Please go to your medical doctor for a thorough physical exam. Be sure to share your symptoms of depression. Do not accept a referral to a mental health counselor until you’ve had tests to see if the problem has a physical cause. From what you wrote, the odds are that you have a treatable medical condition.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie