Hello, I was wondering that whenever stuff around me is going really fast or if everyone is talking a lot I feel like I’m being pressured and panic so bad i need to go into an empty room and calm down. Also, when someone ask to explain something, I can’t really explain it well or I can’t really explain myself and space out like right now I was gone for 5 minutes. I just wanna know if something is wrong with me mentally. Oh, plus I am not professionally tested but I did take the ADHD test on here and it said I was so I wanted to add that and I had an accident with my asthma that and I was dead for 20 minutes. Thank you.

A. It is difficult to determine what might be your problem. You mentioned that you had an asthma incident in which you were “dead” for approximately 20 minutes. That incident could be related to some of the symptoms that you are currently experiencing. There may be psychological trauma associated with that event in your life and that trauma may produce a constant level of caution or anxiety, making it difficult to relax or feel safe when there are many stimuli to process at the same time. There also may have been some neural damage present after having recovered from being dead for 20 minutes. For that reason, it would be advantageous to undergo both a medical and a psychological evaluation. A medical evaluation is especially important to rule out a physical cause.

In the meantime, it is good that when your symptoms arise you are able to calm yourself. You may want to consult a therapist if this becomes too overwhelming. He or she could help you to develop new coping skills to decrease panic symptoms. Also consider psychiatric medication. It may help to decrease or eliminate your symptoms. I wish you well. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle