well I’m 15 and i been going thru a depression for a couple of months now recently i had a problem with my boyfriend. he did a prank on me thinking he was his brother in law and texting me. he didnt like what i said so he said it was over. and all this time i been feeling depressed. i’m pregnant but he’s only with me because of the baby but i want to be with him forever. i didnt mean to do that to him. i feel awful knowing he’s going to go out with someone else. please help me so he can stop and not do this to me. i really love him and can’t live without him.

A: At 15 and pregnant, you are probably pretty scared to be going it alone. Pranking you is a boy’s trick, not the behavior of a mature man. Your response was probably equally immature. You both need to do some fast growing up if you are going to be parents to this baby you are bringing into the world. He may not be up to the job but, as the mother, you have fewer choices. Your focus needs to be on doing everything you can to be a physically and mentally healthy mom for your baby. That means getting good medical care. That means seeing a counselor to help you with the depression and with the many decisions you are going to have to make and make soon.

You didn’t mention your parents. I hope they are involved and supportive. You have some huge decisions to make. Are you ready to be a mom? Is the best way to love your child to raise him or to let others adopt him? If you do keep him, do you have the emotional and financial supports you need to make it possible? Are your parents going to help you? If not, how are you going to manage?

You can’t make the boy get back with you. But by being mature and responsible about the way you take care of yourself and your baby, you can show him what an amazing person you are. If he doesn’t respond to that, there is someone out there who will.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie