Hi. I just took your sanity test and the results brought up 8 serious plus 8 milder disorders. I usually do not trust this type of tests but this time I noticed that they describe what I’m going through pretty well. But the reason I’m here is because I wanted to do some research on how “normal” is it to go through all I’m going through and if it has a “cure”. The ones that worry me the most are: when I walk down the street feeling everyone’s watching me and sometimes laughing at me because I look pretty pathetic. I fear decision taking. I fear gaining weight therefore making my self-esteem lowers, so I often feel very guilty after eating (leading me to sometimes not eating at all). I think everyone (friends included) looks down at me. I get usually really nervous talking to people, which make me feel like a loser. I cannot get romantically involved with people because I cannot believe someone can like me. I feel I’m neither man nor woman, I look at the mirror and I see a deformed thing most of the time. I doubt my artistic skills even though everyone praises them. I have a constant fear of ending up like my father who is an underachiever with a severe alcoholism problem. All of this has led to drug and alcohol abuse (which have led me to the hospital a couple of times by accident.) Basically my day consists of feeling all of these -and more- altogether. Sometimes, rarely, I do feel good about myself though but it usually takes just a glimpse at my reflection or shadow to bring all that down.

This has become incredibly painful lately. I’m not suicidal (although I’ve though about it) but I fear in the future I may even harm myself.

A: I appreciate the difficulty you are having and am very glad you thought to take the tests we have online. The online tests have their strengths and weaknesses. What we do know is that you are feeling out of sorts, and that is enough to make worthwhile a visit with a therapist. The therapist either will have, or will know someone who has measurement tests that can be specific and valid about what your personality and behavioral traits look like. A chance to sit one-to-one with someone is a good place to start.

Thank you for having the courage to ask this question.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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