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Depression, Anxiety, Constant Dwelling Issues, Shyness & Anger

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I have suffered for 5-8 years now from a variety of issues from Depression, Anger, Anxiety, drugs, alcohol abuse , self estem issues, trust issues , relationship issues . i constantly dwell or relive daily things in my head and pick everything apart that occurred during my day.

( and do speak to myself from time to time )

unintentionally of course

90 percent of the time im a very nice shy polite allow people to walk on me type person, the other 10 percent im angry, aggressive, even scary at times.

i have seen a docter who has prescribed me anti depressant meds but i dont like how they make me feel, my docter thinks im in need of attention. and recommended a councilor

my councilor thinks i need to take better self care. ( hence the depression )

im locked in a custody battle and i dont feel i can be honest about my mood swings, anger, headaches, drug and alcohol abuse with my docter or councilor

so i simply stopped going to see them and decided to try and solve or work threw it on my own. ( that was over a year ago )

over the last couple of months my temper has been out of control when i drink i become violent ( my mother was a alcoholic and verbally abusive, my father was also a alcoholic but physically abusive )

i have stopped drinking ( 30 days sober ) but still find my depression, anxiety, and that are there

my brother had been diagnosed bi-polar last year, im almost to imbarresed to broach the subject with my docter

any advice or opinions to what is going on with me

( i feel like a train wreck ) my stress is threw the roof

my body and mind hurt this has been going on for so long

i break down and cry for no reason, and constantly feel guilt or shame for no reason

and other times feel nothing at all or fake so to speak

thank you for your time.

Depression, Anxiety, Constant Dwelling Issues, Shyness & Anger

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It is difficult to know what is wrong in your situation. The stress of the custody battle may be a significant contributor to your symptoms. I understand that you find it difficult to be honest with a counselor because of the custody situation but your self-treatment plan is proving to be ineffective.

The most efficient solution is to utilize the services of a mental health professional. What you share during your therapy sessions should remain confidential even in the case of a custody battle. Consult your lawyer regarding confidentiality laws. He or she could clarify what information, if any, a mental health professional can legally divulge in court. Having a thorough understanding of the confidentiality laws could assist you in knowing what information is appropriate to self-disclose during therapy sessions.

In the meantime, you may also consider other forms of treatment such as group therapy or a support group for divorced parents who also are struggling with custody issues. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings can also be a great source of support. During stressful times, some individuals find it useful to utilize the local religious counseling services. You may also want to consider stress reduction techniques such as relaxation, meditation, yoga, or strenuous exercise. The aforementioned suggestions may not “solve” your problems but they may serve to temporarily decrease your high stress levels. I wish you the best of luck. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle

Depression, Anxiety, Constant Dwelling Issues, Shyness & Anger

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