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I Don’t Know What To Do…

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Hi there! well I just moved back to the states two months ago, i used to live here in 2008 and but i had too many emotional problems to stay with my dad. The thing is over my entire life i’ve had problems, mood swings, anger (but its like something i keep for myself and then explote to someone) i’ve been depressed, Im never happy, i dont like going out alone TO ANYWHERE. My entire life i’ve had to deal with myself, i just have one friend, and the family i used to lived with (my aunt and my granpa) never believe me when i say “im not okay, i need help” my father doesnt believe me neighter, the only person who tought i might had something “wrong” was my mother. I went to a therapist one time but I never wanted to tell him about all my problems and most of the time i missed the appointment cause i wasnt in the mood to go out of my house. One of my aunts told me to go to him so he could help me deal with my mom loss. She killed herself a year ago. 3 months before she died she told me that she wanted to take me to “this lady” because she thought something bad was going on with me, i never went with her, we never had a good relationship it was too hard to do it that was why i lived with my grandparent since i was 3 years old. Now im in this ccountry I dont have friends here, i live alone with my dad, i dont know noone besides his wife and my sister,brother… I told him i wanted to go to a therapist but he doesnt want to, everyone thinks im just being dramatic, or that i just to call their attention but its not that i want to do it. I want to wake up ad feel happy for another day of life but i CANT i hate to live i hate to be me. i have the disire to do something one min and then i dont do something about it. im tired of triying to be different, I cant feel happy, everyday its getting worse. two weeks ago i felt happy for a couple of hours but then i was back to the same, having no intersting in life, wanting to sleep all day or just watch tv, feeling like sh**t, hating myself.

I want to know someone that i could call. I need to get a job and start college but i dont even have the strength to do it when the only thing i think about is how stupid i am.

My other problem is im a little afraid of the “outside”, afraid of poeple think about me, i feel everybody is staring at me if i go out… thats why i dont go out alone or meet friends, get a job or go to college…

Please answer, i want a therapist/psychologist… I speak spanish, if i have to speak english sometimes i get scared and poeple dont understand me very much, i write better in english. If u know a psychologist that speaks spanish i would appreciate it but if not, its fine with me.

I Don’t Know What To Do…

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The most important part of your letter is that you are reaching out for some help. You’re right. You do need someone to talk to. I can’t make a diagnosis on the basis of only a letter but social anxiety would be a reasonable guess, given what you’ve told me. You’re also probably grieving both the loss of your mother and the loss of the life you thought you had. It’s a lot to handle.

The Boys and Girls Town organization has a hotline for teens like you. Many young people are in the same situation, with parents who can’t or won’t understand. Take a look at their website to get an idea of the services they offer. There are counselors available 24/7 to talk with you when you are feeling low or when you don’t know where to turn. The phone number is 800-448-3000.

Secondly, click on the “Find Help” tab on the PsychCentral homepage. I checked. There are at least 8 therapists listed in your city. However, they don’t indicate if they speak Spanish. I suggest you contact your doctor or call your local mental health clinic to get recommendations for Spanish-speaking counselors. You’re right. It’s generally easier for people to talk about the things that matter most to them in their own language. Don’t give up on the idea of finding a good counselor who speaks Spanish without putting in some effort to find them.

When you do find a therapist, please give yourself the gift of an honest try at the process. You need to tell the therapist what’s really going on with you — all of it. It might help to bring the letter you sent to us here at PscyhCentral with you as a way to get started. Sadly, counselors can’t read minds. We only have what we’re given by our clients to work with. It’s like making bread. If someone only gives me the milk, eggs, and sugar but doesn’t give me the flour, I can’t make a loaf no matter how hard I try. Your counselor needs to know as much about you as possible if he or she is to help you make sense of things.

You made a good start at helping yourself by writing to us. Now, please, take the next step. You have suffered long enough.

I wish you well.
Dr. Marie

I Don’t Know What To Do…

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