My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and we never fight. But over time it just seems like he has become less and less interested. We didn’t do anything for our two years even though he claimed he had plans for us. When he texts people or even picks up his phone he tilts it away (not that I’m even trying to look, which is what makes it suspicious).On his facebook it seems like he is only adding girls. Is he window shopping for a new girlfriend? Or is it possible he just doesn’t think he needs to try anymore? I have made it a point to express to him recently that it bothers me that we don’ act like we’re dating, but nothing has changed. I’m pretty quiet in that respect so for me to speak up is huge. Please give me some perspective and get me out of my head!

A: i think this is an important time to confront him. The behaviors you are seeing are worth a serious discussion. if you are upset by his behavior talk to him about what would make the relationship better. Ask him what he needs from you, and explain what you need from him If you are in college I would recommend talking to someone at the counseling center together so you can work these issues through, or find the courage to part ways and move on.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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