All I want to do is eat, and eat junk food. I have lived a very healthy and active lifestyle from most of my life, going to the gym 5 times a week and eating healthy balanced meals. Every now and again though I feel so fat and get very overwhelmed with my body image and life that I want to just curl up and eat junk – nothing else. The times that I have given into this I have made myself vomit it back up and felt discussed in myself for eating it. I have always been aware of my body image and it may stem from my alcoholic father saying I was fat a lot. Recently he has been admitted to a nursing home due to Korsakoff’s syndrome and still manages to comment on my weight. Logically I know that I am in a health BMI range, but this need to for exercise and control, vs eat junk and vomit is impacting my mental health and social life. I need some advice on how to move past this and what is it all about?

Many thanks.

A: Thank you for asking this important question. I would do three things: First, I would get a consult with a registered dietitian. Here is the national website. A good nutritionist will be able to tailor a food plan for you that will get you on track. Second, I would join Overeaters Anonymous in your area. Here is a link to their national website. This is a 12-step program that is free, and offers support for managing food issues. Finally, I would find a local therapist to start working with to look at the causes and issues that may be underlying this concern. You can use the find help tab at the top of the page for a referral.

Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
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