Any little thing hurts me. My parents scream at me for the most miniscule things that they make into the biggest catastrophe, therefore making me feel like I fail at the simplest of things. I’ve contemplated the worst for myself and feel like I don’t deserve the best, or even the least bit good. I need help, and nobody seems to care. This is probably only being read by me, but what else would I expect? If I died, nobody would care.

A. The fact that “any little thing hurts” does not mean that “you have the emotions of a child.” It may mean that you are hypersensitive. Your hypersensitivity might be related to how your parents have treated you. As you stated, they overreact to most situations. Their overreactions could have led to the development of a very skewed self-image.

You are considering suicide. You may be basing that decision on a completely inaccurate view of reality. Just because your parents view the world in a particular way does not mean that they are accurate in their judgments. The fact that they overreact, to most situations, is a sign that they are judging reality incorrectly. In other words, there is a major discrepancy between what they see as real and what is real. That is a problem, mainly because it will lead to inaccurate conclusions.

I would recommend counseling. A therapist can provide the objectivity that is needed in this situation. A therapist can help to determine if your self-perception is accurate. It is important to understand what the problem may be and how to correct it. The good news is that therapy can correct inaccurate thinking, and can help you to see reality clearly.

Please go to the emergency room or call 911 if you feel that you cannot keep yourself safe. Please take care.

Dr. Kristina Randle