I asked my therapist how long she had been working as a therapist and was told that was personal and I had no right asking that question.  I was asking as a means of determining whether this was someone I wanted to work with – I wanted someone with a lot of experience. So what is appropriate when speaking with a psychologist?

A: I think that asking a potential therapist about his or her length of experience in the field is totally appropriate. Information about how long a therapist has been licensed in their profession is generally public information available through the state department of professional licensing. Many therapists share graduation and licensure dates on their practice website. Just based on how she handled that simple question, I would seek another therapist who is comfortable with your question about their qualifications. An experienced therapist is generally willing to share their level of experience in the field, so my guess is that the therapist you asked is not experienced and found your question threatening. If you need help finding a qualified therapist you can click here to find therapists in your area. Best to you in your therapist search and good for you for being careful to select a therapist who is qualified to help you.

Take good care of yourself!

Julie Hanks, LCSW